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    About Us

    The idea to start an online web store hit us during one of our trip abroad and thus came into existence Splurge N Shine.
    As our name states ‘Splurge’ meaning to spend freely and when you do spend on yourself and your beautiful homes you will ‘Shine’.
    OUR AIM :
    A lot of thought has gone into making it both Seller and Buyer Friendly.

    Splurge N Shine wishes to be a community-centric market place where people from India and around the world can connect by SELLING and BUYING unique products.
    By default we have displayed the prices in US Dollar, as it is the currency most used in international transactions, whereas you have a choice to pay in Indian Rupees if you are shopping in India. Please refer to the top right hand side of the web page for options.
    We are trying to make a global community where ARTIST, CRAFTSMEN, CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS, CURATORS and DESIGNERS from anywhere in the world can join hands with us and use Splurge N Shine as a platform to sell their products to a wider number of people, at the click of a button either from your computer or from your mobile handset from anywhere in the World.
    Splurge N Shine is a salute to all the talented people who are so bestowed that whatever they make turns into a masterpiece.
    We will be always mindful in our approach and be transparent in our dealings.
    We plan to build long term relations with both SELLERS and BUYERS.

    We wish Wellness, Prosperity, Health and Beauty to all our patrons.

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